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Coalition Spokesmen Unveils Iranian Weapons Confiscated from AQAP

The spokesmen of the Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen colonel Turki Al Malki denied on Monday reports of providing US weapons to the Iran backed Houthi milita and AQAP in Yemen, adding that Saudi Arabia has contributed more than $13 billion in support of Yemen since 2014. Colonel Al Maliki confirmed that the Coalition is working with the United Nations and international agencies to support the Yemeni people, stressing that the Coalition’s efforts continue against both Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the Iran backed Houthi rebels. He said that 41,000 land, sea, and air permits were issued for UN organizations,The Red Cross, KSrelief center and Doctors without borders from March 2 to February 18. He also reviewed some of the work done by King Salman Center for Aid and Relief in Yemen, such as distributing critical food and medical aid to dif​ferent Yemeni governorates, completing vocational training programs, and organizing field trips for students who were once recruited by the Houthis. 

Al Maliki said that the Coalition continues to provide support for international efforts to resolve the conflict in Yemen, while the Houthis continue to fire ballistic missiles and lay naval and landmines. According to Al Maliki, the Coalition documented more than 1400 violations of the Stockholm Agreement by the Houthis, who also continue deploying tanks and military hardware near schools and residential neighborhoods.

Al-Maliki attributesd the rise of terrorist organizations in Yemen to the Houthi coup and the absence of legitimate government, adding that qualitative military operations continue in Hadramaut and other areas of Yemen to counter and defeat AQAP. Pictures and videos of missile parts, weapons, bomb materiel, ammunition, drugs, and sectarian booklets confiscated from the Houthi rebels were also shown during the press conference, as well as confiscated Iranian weapons that were found with AQAP. 

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