Vision 2030

Investire in Arabia Saudita: La Premium Residency per investitori stranieri

The Premium Residency will enable its owners to live in Saudi Arabia with their families, with the freedom to invest in various fields such as Industry, real estate, and the right to access in Makkah and Madinah. Not only that, but in the various sectors without restrictions, and the mobility among the private sector, in light of the rapid growth of opportunities led by the executive programs of the ambitious vision of the Kingdom.

Today, the Kingdom is considered one of the most important international destinations for work, investment and even life and stability, with its rich and unique advantages, it's the birthplace of Islam and the land of the two Holy Mosques and enjoys a diverse and attractive geographical and economic environment, and prior to that, achieved security and stability, making the Kingdom one of the safest countries in the world. When the investor comes to the Kingdom, he does not come to an ordinary country, but to a country that has reserved its place in the front row with its economic, investment and quality projects. The Kingdom is a member of the G20, its economy ranks among the strongest economies in the world, the Kingdom is the third in the world in the possession of natural resources, the second in the world in oil reserves of 18.1%, and the fifth largest reserves of natural gas reserves, making big leaps in global competitiveness indicators. Not only that, but the ambitious projects of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision - notably the future city of Neom, the Red Sea project, Al Qiddiya Entertainment City - confirm that the Kingdom will undoubtedly be an incubator of brains, talents and ambitious capital, a land of innovation and industries of the future. The strategic geographical location of the Kingdom as a meeting place for the continents of the world, its rich history, its diverse regions and important archaeological sites, in addition to its advanced infrastructure, are attractive and able to draw the attention of the world, to a unique and ambitious country, and a hospitable society that welcomes cultural, social and humanitarian diversity. So, on behalf of all Saudis: We welcome you to Saudi Arabia.

The Premium Residency Center was established on May 14, 2019, in conjunction with the Royal decree, with the approval of the Council of Ministers, on the Premium Residency System. It is an independent administrative and financial agency, associated with the Economic Affairs and Development Council. The system coordinates with all sectors and state agencies to implement the Premium Residency System which is distinguished for those who wish to obtain a distinctive residence in Saudi Arabia, through its electronic services system, its various departments, and its direct contact with customers from everywhere.

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