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Il Festival di Winter at Tantora | 19 Dicembre -7 Marzo 2019

Tickets for the "Winter at Tantora" festival, which is scheduled for the Saudi Arabian Al-Ula governorate from December 19th, 2019 – March 7th, 2020 are now on sale, organizers disclosed today as the announcement comes as the much-anticipated international festival opened sales on ""
In addition to world-class performances, attractions and activities, the event, which is organized by the General Entertainment Authority will host Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli; Lionel Richie, Enrique Iglesias, Omar Khairat and Yanni who have are already confirmed to step into spotlight at Maraya Concert Hall in Al-Ula, a state-of-the-art 500-seat facility with a mirrored facade, which emerges like a mirage in the ancient rocky landscape where all performances are scheduled to take place.
Themed “A Timeless Celebration in a Timeless Place”, the festival showcases Al-Ula’s history, heritage and culture and celebrates art and music, set amidst the timeless landscape of AlUla, and also welcomes back Tuscan tenor, Andrea Bocelli, who will make his second appearance at the festival on January 31st.
Bocelli joins a dynamic line-up, which includes Latin Pop star Enrique Iglesias (February 21st), Oscar and Grammy winning singer Lionel Richie (February 28th), Egyptian composer, pianist and conductor Omar Khairat (December 27th) and Greek pianist Yanni (February 7th).
The venue will host the headline performers as well as the Celebration of Beethoven (January 4th – 6th), an homage to the great German composer on the 250th anniversary of his birth day and the multi-media theatrical production Jameel Buthainah (February 14th), a caracalla dance inspired by the glory and history of AlUla.
The festival, which runs from December 19th until March 7th, will be one of the first time visitors will get to experience and explore Al-Ula and learn about its 200,000 years of history, ahead of its public opening in October 2020. Tickets are currently available for purchase on
Globetrotters, arts and culture aficionados, music fans as well as adventure lovers can purchase tickets to individual headline performances or indulge in an experiential itinerary spanning a day or a weekend.
The weekend and one-day itineraries on offer will feature three packages: Gold, Platinum and Diamond, for different budgets, covering accommodation, transport, cultural and adventure excursions as well as attendance at the headline performances. Weekend guests can also bolt-on themed experiences in line with their interests, such as Al-Ula from Above (adventure), Authentic Al-Ula (culture) and Gastronomy (cuisine).
The array of activities and excursions also include Al-Ula Balloon Festival, vintage aircraft flights, the second largest endurance horse race in the world, culinary experiences curated by Michelin starred chefs, traditional souks as well as luxury brand pop-ups.
Home to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hagar, Al-Ula is a place of pristine and unexplored beauty. With 200,000 years of history ensconced in its vast landscape, the region is expected to emerge as one of Saudi Arabia’s key tourist attractions, following the announcement of the Saudi Arabian Tourist Visa in September. The recently announced programme allows travellers to obtain one-year, multiple-entry visas to spend up to 90 days in the country. Visitors from 49 countries and regions will be able to apply for the visa online ( or on arrival into Saudi Arabia through electronic kiosks or at immigration counters. Other visitors will be able to apply for the visas at the Saudi consulate in their home country. Saudi Arabia intends to extend the e-Visa scheme to other markets as further developments are made to the Kingdom's tourism infrastructure.
“As a stop along the Incense Route, Al-Ula was once a part of the great corridor between the East and the West. It was a port of trade and a gateway between cultures, enabling dialogue and diversity. With the Winter at Tantora Festival, we are celebrating Al-Ula’s historic role in this region as well as its long tradition of bringing together varied voices and ideas,” said Amr Al-Madani, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula.
Details about the festival, its line-up and exceptional surroundings can be found at with tickets on sale now. To stay up to date, please follow @WinteratTantora on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Winter at Tantora is a festival in Al-Ula County in north-western Saudi Arabia, a place of extraordinary natural beauty and cultural heritage. Running from 19th December 2019 to 7th March 2020, Winter at Tantora will bring 12-weekends of wonder to the Al-Ula Oasis, inspired by its spectacular scenery. Home to archeological treasures, natural beauty and magnificent monuments that span millennia, Al-Ula is set on the ancient incense route between southern Arabia and Egypt. It became a hub of commercial and cultural exchange because a lush oasis valley ran through it, creating an ideal environment for civilizations to flourish.

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