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Cinema: Film Commission Launches 28 Cinematic Projects for Winners

On January 202021, the Saudi Film Commission started to support the cinema industry in Saudi Arabia by selecting 28 Saudi cinematic projects based on the winning entries of last year’s Daw competition. These projects will be funded up to 40 million riyals. 


The CEO of the Film Commission Abdullah Al Ayyaf Al-Qahtani, thanked HH Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Film Commission, for his continuous support on cultural projects, including Daw' Film Competition which resulted in the selection of the winning novel and short texts.


The commission launched the Daw competition in September 2019 to support Saudi cinema in line with the country’s Quality of Life Program, as part of the efforts to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In February last year, the winners of the four categories were announced. The aim of the contest was to help develop the emerging film industry in the Kingdom, to empower Saudi talent, to showcase Saudi content on regional and international platforms and to establish a sustainable model for film financing in the country.


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