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The Yemen Conflict. KSA's Efforts to Protect and Assist Civilians martedì 17 ottobre 2017

The Yemen Conflict. KSA's Efforts to Protect and Assist Civilians

Since its inception in 2015, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre has spared no effort to assist those in need across all Yemeni governorates, and has provided aid worth around €430 million to some 26 million Yemeni civilians. In cooperation with the WHO, UNICEF and the international Medical Corps, the Centre has supplied medicines, surgical supplies and health care across the country.

The most important projects implemented by the centre and its partners have focussed on women and children. One of the centre’s first projects involved providing medical care to more than 7,600 children and mothers living as refugees in Djibouti. This project was carried out in cooperation with UNICEF, with a total expenditure of €309,652.

Another project was put in place in response to an urgent UN flash appeal for immediate humanitarian assistance to Yemen; this €26.2 million project was again carried out in coordination with UNICEF. The project provided food, therapeutic and preventative interventions to save the lives of children under the age of five, and also provided protection for the health of pregnant and nursing mothers.

Two new projects have been launched earlier in 2017. The first will help tackle malnutrition among children, and pregnant and nursing mothers, while a second focuses on water supply. The malnutrition project will cover eight provinces, and targets 348,468 children, nursing and pregnant women.

Water supply projects will be implemented in 15 governorates and help deliver water to houses, distributing tanks and other water containers. The water project will benefit 1.35 million children, 796,011 men and 762,917 women. The challenges that KSRelief faces are the same as those faced by all relief organisations. The UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen confirms that the Houthi Rebels and Saleh forces are currently controlling the vital ports of Hodeida, As Salif and Ras Isa on the Red Sea coast. The rebels are blocking activity in the ports in an effort to damage the Saudi-led Coalition's reputation whilst pocketing the black market income it generates. Access to Yemen has therefore proven difficult, with great risk to relief conveys and very challenging geography. Given these challenges, KSRelief is proud that the centre in Yemen has been able to reach all regions of the country, irrespective of who is in control. KSRelief works equally in the north and the south demonstrating Saudi Arabia impartiality and adherence to the international humanitarian law.