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FM Min. Adil Al Jubeir meets the EU HRVP Federica Mogherini in Rome

On December 1st 2017, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Al Jubeir had a bilateral meeting with the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the EU Commission, Federica Mogherini in Rome on the sidelines of the 3rd Edition of MED – MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUES, which takes place from 30/11 to 1/12, 2017.

During the encounter, they discussed various issues, in addition to review domains of joint cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the EU.

The forum witnessed participation of as many as 75 premiers, top level officials as foreign ministers, research experts, in addition to CEOs of more than 50 internationally recognized firms.Its agenda comprises various vital issues, including bringing about regional balance, in the light of current crises, economic partnership and investment as tools to realize growth, building partnership to deal with immigration issue and means to restore stability, in the Mediterranean rim, in addition to sessions related to topics of energy, culture, civic society and procedures to be taken in order to confront extremism, along with presenting various visions from different countries, in the region.The forum is an enterprise launched by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs, in collaboration with Italy's Institute for International Studies, for the sake of launching a top level discussion among the North and the South countries of the Mediterranean rim, on mutually diverse challenges threatening security and stability, in the region, and opportunities, at avail, for bilateral cooperation and development.

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