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Italian delegation visits the Etidal Center in Riyadh

27 February 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

On february 27 2018, representatives of the Italian government and Parliament visited the Global Center for Countering Extremism Ideology (ETIDAL) based in Riyadh. 

The Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Vincenzo Amendola, the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Senate of the Republic, Sen. Nicola Latorre and the Italian Ambassador to Riyadh, H.E. Luca Ferrari,  visited the Center accompanied by their delegations. 

The Italian delegates experienced first hand the Center’s approach to fighting extremist ideologies. During the visit, the delegation learned more about Etidal’s global extremism index as well as how the Center tracks and identifies extremist content. The Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his admiration for the Center’s focus on engaging the energy and capabilities of young people in the Center’s work.

More: https://etidal.org/


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