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The Qiddiya Ground Breaking

The C​ustodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, inaugurated Qiddiya, the entertainment, sports and cultural destination planned for Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, on 28 April 2018.The Ground-breaking Ceremony was attended by the Crown Prince mohammed bin Salman and  by a host of senior local and international officials, a wide range of decision makers, major investors and representatives of regional and international specialized companies.

The Ceremony marked the official launch of the project’s first phase of development planned to be completed in 2022 “The inauguration of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for this vital project is a direct translation of the wise leadership’s aspirations in the Kingdom, in addition to relentless effort to develop giga-projects that will help achieve many direct and indirect economic returns. It will also advance sustainable economic development for Saudi Arabia, and benefit Saudi citizens as outlined in Vision 2030,” said Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Tounsi, Secretary General of Qiddya’s Constituent Assembly in The Public Investment Fund. He also pointed out that about two-thirds of Saudi citizens are under the age of 35, so there is a great need for Qiddiya to provide entertainment. The project will recapture about $30 billion spent annually on tourism and entertainment outside the Kingdom. This influx on domestic resources will be used in further developing the economy, and create new job opportunities for Saudi youth. “We are delighted to be a major contributor to the Kingdom’s economic development and attract foreign investors, not only to the entertainment sector, but also in projects that will develop the capabilities of Saudi youth. Qiddiya will enable them to develop their athletic, artistic, and cultural skills, through adapting international programming and specialized activities that reflect with the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom,” said Michael Reininger, Qiddiya’s Chief Executive Officer. “As we progress toward the realization of this new entertainment destination, we will implement innovative approaches to development, while adhering to best practices of business, all the while taking care to preserve the site’s natural beauty and wildlife,” he added. He pointed out that the visitors to Qiddiya will have a range of choices in entertainment, sporting and cultural activities in innovative design facilities including entertainment centres and sports facilities capable of hosting world-class competitions and games, training academies, desert and asphalt tracks for car enthusiasts, water and snow recreation activities, outdoor adventure activities, safari experiences and nature attractions, as well as historical, cultural and educational activities. The project will also include commercial centers, restaurants, cafes, hotels, real estate projects and services that meet the aspirations of all segments of society. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Qiddiya’s logo has been inspired by the mountains of Tuwaiq, the unique mountainous area that overlook this expansive project. The lines in the logo reflect the promising abilities of Saudi youth, while the vital range of colors shows that the project addresses all the different aspects of Saudi society with its different capacities and talents. www.arabia-saudita.it Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Rome

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