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The East Coast Festival

Dammam, 11- 21 April, 2018

The sixth edition East Coast Festival, took place at King Abdullah Park in the waterfront of Dammam, between 11 and 21 April, 2018. The festival has grown tremendously in the recent years, and for now it is considered one of the most important festival of the eastern province. East Cost Festival aimed at safeguarding the heritage and the culture of the region, passing it from generation to generation, thanks to the work of the most important families of entrepreneurs. The event presented the most beautiful stories of sailors and their sea chants and included more than 50 marine and heritage activities with the participation of craftsmen, sailors, and folk groups from the Gulf Countries.

The Festival presented paintings, crafts, handmade textiles, traditional clothing, architecture styles, and the ancient heritage of the coastal town. Among the achievements reached over the years, the festival helped strengthening the national identity, the cohesion in the gulf, the building stock and increasing the work of many local craftsmen, who took part at the numerous activities of the festival.

This year the Festival introduced also the history of one of the most significant port in Saudi Arabia which is Al Uqayr Port. The decision to introduce the history of Al Uqayr Port was not left to chance, because the Port was and still is a great strategic location for the trade of the area. The site is an ancient fort of Islamic origin and was also the location of the conference at which the Uqair Protocol of 1922 was issued, which helped to establish the borders of modern Saudi Arabia.



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