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Turismo e Folklore: Taif season

The Taif Season will open on Aug. 1 within the Saudi Seasons tourism initiative with at least seven other countries participating. The event will consist of three major sections, which are the annual Souq Okaz festival, a camel race and various tourist activities.

Seven famous Arab singers will perform at Souq Okaz, which will also see cultural and poetic nights, historic markets, caravans and special pavilions for Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan displaying exhibits.
The seven Arab countries will also exhibit their handicrafts, culinary skills, music, arts and others.The season will include fireworks and a circus in addition to theatrical shows, poetry competitions, paintings and special programs for children. There will also be a rose festival during the season, which will create jobs for a number of Saudi men and women.



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