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KSA and UAE urge the UN organizations and the humanitarian organizations to deliver relief aid through Hodeidah

Advisor-Royal Court, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, who is also the General Supervisor of King Salman Center for Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Aid (KSrelief), and Dr. Reem bint Ibrahim Al-Hashmi, UAE minister of state for international cooperation affairs, co-held a press conference in Riyadh today on behalf of the Coalition for the Restoration of Legitimacy in Yemen to cast light on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen in general, and Houthi-controlled Al-Hodeida port and province in particular.
In a joint statement, the two sides shed light on the flagrant violations committed by the Houthi militias in Al-Hodeida port, barring foreign assistance to be delivered to the needy inside, confiscating the contents of vessels awaiting discharge outside the docks of the port.
The humanitarian assistance being sent by international organizations have been looted by the Houthis in control of Al-Hodeida port, the goods and oil derivatives prevented from entry, causing famine, starvation and poverty inside the province, the report said.
The report cited a report of former UN envoy for Yemen that the Houthis continue to reject an initiative to allow the assistance enter into the country.
Since 2015, they have seized 19 assistance-laden vessels, looted and robbed 65 vessels and trucks, implanted mines on the road of caravans carrying relief items, Al-Rabeeah said.He gave an account on the relief items provided by the Coalition countries for Yemeni people over the last three years, saying that they amount to $16 billion, including foodstuffs, medical assistance, accommodation items, social support, education, refugee support, economic support and developmental programs and bilateral support in addition to other programs.

He announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE will provide relief and humanitarian assistance through Al-Hodeida port in the form of a sea bridge from Jazan port and Abu-Dhabi port to Al-Hodeida.
Further to the poor infrastructure in the province, the Houthis have destroyed the remnants of service facilities in Al-Hodeida province and Yemen at large, the statement said.
He gave an account on the Saudi assistance and relief items provided for Yemenis since May 2015 to date worth more than $one billion, the assistance provided by KSrelief amounting to 262 projects through 80 local and international partners, including health, food security, early treatment, accommodation and shelter, water, environment treatment, nutrition, education, protection and others, including 71 projects for women and 83 humanitarian projects for children.
He said Saudi Arabia received 561911 Yemeni refugees and in response to the WHO and UNICEF, provided $66.7 million to combat Cholera in Yemen.Al-Rabeeah reported that the Kingdom has managed to rehabilitate 2000 children who have been enlisted by the Houthi militias to join the war. He said the Kingdom also disbursed an amount of $1,353,800 to combat malnutrition in Al-Hodeida and $2million in other provinces.He added that a hospital in Al-Hodeida is currently being rehabilitated with the Saudi assistance worth SR1,914,554. The Kingdom responded to the UN call to support Al-Hodeida province with $142 million and the World Food Organization with $10 million in 2016-2017, he said, adding that the number of food baskets to Yemen from 2015 to February 2018 reached 390,000.He said the Center has signed an executive program with the WHO worth $17,600,000 to provide Al-Hodeida province with 8090 food baskets monthly for three months. The project will start soon, he added. For its part, the UAE senior official said the UAE has responded to the UN plan to relieve Yemen and offered $500 million in support of the plan. 



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