10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1439 - 21 agosto 2018

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Dichiarazione congiunta. KSA, UAE, Bahrein ed Egitto sul dialogo con il Qatar venerdì 8 settembre 2017

Dichiarazione congiunta. KSA, UAE, Bahrein ed Egitto sul dialogo con il Qatar

While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt declare that they appreciate the mediation of the Amir of Kuwait and his commendable efforts to restore the Qatari authority to the right path and his declaration that Qatar is willing to recognize the 13 demands and negotiate them, they stress that the dialogue on the implementation of the demands should not be preceded by any conditions, and the four countries regret what was said by the Amir of Kuwait on the success of mediation in stopping military intervention;

Four countries stress  that the military option has not been and will not be considered in any case, and that the crisis with Qatar is not only a Gulf dispute but with many of the Arab and Islamic countries, which announced their position on the Qatari interventions and support for terrorism, and many other countries in the world were unable to declare their position due to the Qatari penetration of their internal affairs, which made them fear the consequences, especially with the Qatari precedents in support of coups, and embracing and financing terrorism and extremist thought and hate speech.

The statements of Qatar's Foreign Minister after the Amir's statement confirm Qatar's rejection of the dialogue without lifting the boycott measures taken by the four countries to protect their interests legally and politically and setting preconditions for dialogue confirms Qatar's lack of seriousness in dialogue, combating and financing terrorism and interfering in the internal affairs of countries.

The four countries appreciated the position of US President Donald Trump in his firm assertion that the only way to resolve the crisis is the need to stop the support and financing of terrorism and his unwillingness to resolve the crisis unless this is achieved.