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#Leonardo Da Vinci in mostra presso l'#Ithra center di Dahran

For the first time in the region, and on loan from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana of Milan, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus finds a home exclusively at Ithra’s Great Hall from March 14-30. Gaze in wonder at the original engineering sketches by the ultimate visionary, artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci. Discover a 1400-year exploration of wisdom, progress and energy brought to you by masters of the Arabian Golden Age of thought via a 30-screen video wall projection. Witness Da Vinci’s untamed imagination meet the modern work of renowned architect and artist Phillips Rahm in a planetary display set to amaze and inspire. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the “Renaissance Man” himself, only at Ithra. The exhibition itinerary begins with a journey from the wisdom of the Arab Masters, and through the genius of Leonardo da Vinci finally, reaching our days with the progressive advancement of theories on the theme of energy. At the entrance of the exhibition area, a timeline-a 20-meter-long video wall with more than 30 screens-shows the theoretical path that characterized the Arab golden age and leads us into the modern era. A journey through 1,400 years of history provides an overview of the great achievements of scientific thought in a critical area of our era: energy.

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